All materials that we use to make your promotional items can be with one-sided or two-sided printing. To protect the print, you can use a matte or glossy laminate.

Depending on your professional advertisement area, you can choose the material that suits you the best.


Cardboard – thick, durable paper that usually consists of several pressed layers. Cardboard products are suitable for use indoors in places with low humidity, because in high humidity areas the material can be easily deformed.

KAPA , foam cardboard -is a three-layered material made from polystyrene or polyurethane foam, coated on both sides with a thin layer of cardboard. Suitable for indoor use. When manufacturing products made of foam cardboard (KAPA) images are printed on self-adhesive PVC film. A light weight allows you to hang products made from KAPA on the wall even with double-sided scotch tape. Perfect for printing large photos, again, thanks to its light weight. Also suitable for prefabricated structures: special cutting technology allows you to make “grooves” in this material, with the help of these grooves you can easily make three-dimensional shapes: such as boxes, racks for goods and so on.

Re-board is a type of multi-layered material. Outside – a thin layer of cardboard, inside – honeycomb filler (cellulose). Like KAPA, it is also suitable for making three-dimensional figures. The main advantage is its durability (due to the honeycomb filler) and light weight with a relatively large thickness of the material. Disadvantages: due to its consistency (cellulose) does not tolerate high humidity and can be easily deformed.

Viscom is another type of multi-layered material. Unlike all the above materials it can also be used outdoors. It is made of polystyrene foam, covered with a thin layer of plastic on both sides. Great for both signage and photo printing. Advantages: durability, light weight, the ability to manufacture three-dimensional shapes, moisture resistance. It is one of the types of multi-layered plates, made of polystyrene or polyurethane foam, coated on both sides with a thin plastic layer. The consistency of this material resembles KAPA plate, however, compared to KAPA, it is more durable. If we compare Viscom with the regular PVC plate, the advantage of the first one is a relatively small weight.

BIP is a light weighted plastic plate. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The main advantage is a low price. Works great for temporary advertising (for example, for exhibitions), that will not be displayed for a long time.

PVC – plastic, one of the most popular materials for outdoor advertising. The most popular thickness of PVC plates is from 5mm to 10mm. In order to make a sign from this material, the plate is getting cut (or milled) to the desired size and shape, and regular or laminated sticker is getting glued on top.

Aluminum composite material– also, a multi-layered material: a layer of PVC, coated on both sides with thin aluminum sheets. Suitable for cutting figures or letters, and for “engraving” (the top layer of aluminum is getting milled, and the dark grey plastic below becomes a contour).

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